Private Lessons

Whether you are an experienced dancer taking group classes looking to improve your technique, or a complete newbie new to dance wanting some personal one-on-one instruction, private lessons are the answer!

Scheduled at your convenience, covering exactly what you want covered, one-on-one just you or you and your partner, you'll love the feeling of accomplishment and improvement private lessons can offer!

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Private Lessons are:

  • One-on-One: just you (or you and your partner) and the teacher
  • Individualized/Customized: on your time schedule, at your pace
  • Any dance style you want (and that we know): anything from Salsa and Bachata to Ballroom and Swing to Country Western
  • With or without a partner: bring your partner or dance with the teacher, all teachers both lead and follow

When to use Private Lessons:

  • You can't attend the group classes - times don't work for your schedule
  • You can't attend the group classes - you want to learn the ballroom/swing classes but you don't have a partner
  • You are struggling in the group classes and want some extra attention/help

How to schedule Private Lessons:

  • Fill out the contact form below. The more information you can provide, the better.
  • We will email you back to determine the day/time of our 1st lesson
  • Once we've agreed upon a day/time, you'll be asked to pay a deposit of $90 to book the private which you can do through Venmo or Zelle (that deposit can then be applied to a package at the end of your first lesson).
  • And then, we DANCE!!
  • (Not valid for wedding dance preparation - please go to our wedding dance page for more information)
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