Terms & Conditions

Register Online

You must register online for all group classes you are planning to attend. We no longer have any dedicated front desk staff, and since teachers are paid based upon the number of students in each class, you must be registered to attend the class. If you are unable to register, please arrive early so we can help, or reach out to us via text at 909-921-8454 for help.

Cancelling Classes

If you will no longer be able to attend a class for which you registered online, it is your responsibility to cancel that reservation. If you did not receive a reminder email with a link in it, you can use the "My Account" link at the bottom of every web page to access your account, go to "My Schedule", and cancel the class there.

Any class not canceled within the 1 hour courtesy window will be forfeit.

Buying a Package

Our system allows you to register for upcoming group classes online without pre-payment. You can go ahead and purchase any package at that time, or wait until you come in to the studio to make the purchase then.

We have very limited staffed hours for in person purchases. We can assist with taking payments either before the Foundation class - please give us 10-15 minutes - or after the Partnering Level 1 class - there is a 15 minute practice break.

If you will only be attending a Foundation class, you'll need to be prepared to pay for the single class online.

Cancel or forfeit payment

You have one hour before the start of a group class to cancel without any penalties.

If you have made payment in advance, registered for a class, and then do not show up, the class will be marked as a late cancel. If you paid for that individual class, payment will be forfeit. If you paid for a package (New Student Special, etc.) and it's your first class, the late cancel will start the clock on the time limit of the NSS.

Schedule Subject to Change

Group class schedule is subject to change.

Classes are added or removed based upon attendance. Classes that do not have sufficient regular attendance can be canceled or rescheduled. A new calendar of group classes is provided for each month. It is not guaranteed that the schedule for this month will be the schedule for the next month.

Minimum Attendance

We have a minimum attendance requirement of 3 people per group class for regular teachers, and for 6 people per group class if a substitute teacher has been brought in.

Class will be canceled 90 minutes before the start if we do not meet the minimum at that time.

Classes Start on Time

For your first class here at RhythmAddict you are kindly requested to arrive 10 to 15 minutes in advance to take care of any questions, payments, etc.

If you arrive more than 5 minutes late for your first class, you will not be allowed to attend the class and it will be considered a late cancel.