Welcome to RhythmAddict Dance Studio

      You've Found the Cure to Your "2 Left Feet" Syndrome..
      * If you've always wanted to dance, but you're embarrassed to make a fool of yourself.
      * You've tried to learn at the clubs or with videos and it was an epic failure.
      * You'd like to learn but you think you can't do it.
      * You want to get in better health but the gyms and treadmills bore you to death.
      * You are single/divorced and want a way to meet people besides the meat markets and on-line.
      * Or you're a couple looking for a fun, bonding activity.

If any of the above describe you, I encourage you to make plans now to join us for a beginning level class of the dance of your choice.

Call or Text 909-240-7615 for more Info!!

Upcoming Events

Every Monday Night
Every Monday join the RhythmAddict family - and their fearless leader - at 909 Sports Lounge in Rancho for Free Cover and Free Salsa Lesson at 8:30pm with Food and Drink Specials all night!

Sunday, Oct 15th
We've had such an amazing fun time each month, Bradley does not disappoint! Join us again in October for 3 hours of fun, quality instruction to get you through your basics of Chachacha - On1 and On2. **NOTE** Our weekly class is an Int/Adv Level. This workshop will be required to get in to the weekly class. REGISTER HERE
$35 Early Bird until 10/14
$50 Door/Day Of
Sunday, October 15 2-5pm

Sunday, October 22nd
In LA it's almost always LA Style Salsa - or On1. Here's your opportunity to see how the East Coast does it - On2 or New York Style Salsa. A solid 2 hours of timing with a fun pattern by the end of the workshop. Space is Limited to REGISTER HERE
$25 Early Bird until 10/21
$35 Day of/Door
Sunday, Oct 22nd 2-4pm

Sunday, October 29th
First time ever here at RhythmAddict - Casino Rueda with our very own Lilyan and JC. Get your basic steps plus a number of common calls. If you don't know Casino - its a Cuban round dance. There's a leader who calls out the moves and you are constantly changing partners. It's a fun time. Don't miss out on the opportunity. REGISTER HERE
Sunday, Oct 29th 2-5pm
$35 Early Bird until 10/28
$50 Day of/Door

Every Monday - Free Salsa Class at 909 Sports Lounge!

RhythmAddict Dance Team Performance (Vince & Esther)
at Salsa y Mas on Feb 4th

RhythmAddict is Available for all your Wedding Dance, Quince or Special Events Needs
Call us at 909-240-7615 to Schedule your Free Consultation

Do you want to learn to dance Salsa? This is just some basic social dancing - Esther (owner) and Julio..
Salsa Classes Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm, plus Saturdays at 9am. Start at any time - with or without a partner!



October 2017
Sun, Oct 1st: 9 Year Anniversary Open House 2-5pm - Pre Register online or via text
Fri, Oct 6th: Second Level West Coast Swing for Couples series on Fridays at 8pm
Sat, Oct 7th: 9 Year Anniversary Salsa y Mas Studio Dance
Sun, Oct 15th: Intro to Chachacha Workshop 2-5pm
10/13-10/15: Salsa and Bachata Mountain Retreat - Workshops - Camping - Dancing - Field Trip
Sun, Oct 22nd: Intro to Salsa On2 Workshop - 2-4pm
Sun, Oct 29th: Intro to Casino Rueda Workshop - 2-5pm

November 2017
Fri, Nov 3rd: Start Nightclub 2-Step series for Couples on Fridays at 8pm - Level 1
Sat, Nov 4th: Salsa y Mas Studio Dance
Sun, Nov 19th: Salsa Essentials 3-hr Workshop 2-5pm with Esther
Closed Wed, Nov 22, Thu, Nov 23, Fri, Nov 24 and Sat, Nov 25 for Thanksgiving Holiday

December 2017
Sat, Dec 2nd: Salsa y Mas Studio Dance
Fri, Dec 8th: Level 2 of NightClub 2-Step for Couples series on Fridays at 8pm

RhythmAddict Dance

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