New Student Special

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New Student Specials

Welcome to RhythmAddict Dance! We specialize in beginner dancers to teach the foundation of partner dancing, to make it fun and accessible, and just a little bit challenging..

With over 13 years in business, we have learned what all new dancers need to learn - it's first class instruction (which we supply in spades) and lots of repetition. So, our class format and our class schedule are designed to provide you with both. Based upon the numbers of happy students proud of their weekly improvement, our system appears to work wonderfully.

New Student Special:

  • 2-Weeks Unlimited - Every day we have group classes - Mon, Tues, Wed & Thu. At least 2 classes per day, sometimes more! Valid for 14 consecutive days from 1st visit. Foundation and Level 1 Partnering group classes. - $49
  • Combo: 1 Bootcamp + 2-Weeks Unlimited - Experience the most amazing 3 hours of intense learning of the fundamentals of either Salsa or Bachata in one of our Saturday Bootcamps +plus+ join us for unlimited access to our Foundation and Level 1 Partnering group classes held on Mon, Tues, Wed & Thu for 14 consecutive days from 1st visit. - $89

To accommodate our planned closure for Memorial Day/Summer Break, if you start your 14 days on Thursday May 26th or earlier, an extra 10 days will be added to your package.

When you join us for our New Student Special, you get unlimited access to

  • Bachata: Foundation, Footwork and Spins class on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Salsa: Foundation, Footwork and Spins class on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Bachata: Partnering Level 1 class on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Salsa: Partnering Level 1 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

As a new dancer, we expect to see you in each Foundation class for the duration of the special (and afterwards too). You may attend just the Foundation class, or the Foundation and Partnering class, but during this special you are not allowed to attend just the Partnering class.

We do not have any front desk staff, so we are asking everyone to create your account online and reserve all of the classes you'll be attending each day/week. We have short practice breaks after the Partnering Level 1 classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays where we can help to process payment if you'd rather not pay online, but you'll be missing the practice time that day.

You can register through the interactive class schedule on the Home Page, or you can access your account to reserve classes, see your schedule of classes or cancel classes at the bottom of each page using the My Account link.

*for New students/First visit only, valid 14 consecutive days from 1st visit (1st visit must be no later than 5/26/22), valid for Foundation & Level 1 Salsa & Bachata Partnering classes no substitutions allowed, package cannot be shared or transferred or extended, no makeups for absences, holidays or cancelled classes, any higher level classes will be charged at regular price.

**Not accepting walk-in registrations. Please, register online.**

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