Studio Procedures & Guidelines

As we start to reopen and offer group classes at the studio again, your safety is our top priority.

See our new procedures and guidelines below.

What to Expect for your Next Class

  • We have reduced our group class capacity. To guarantee your spot you must pre-register online.
  • You'll be signing in a physical book at the front desk. You may come prepared with a pen, or we will provide a freshly sanitized pen for your use.
  • Be prepared to sign Covid-19 specific waiver (you cannot attend a class unless you have signed one).
  • Be prepared to have your temperature taken. We will be using a non-contact thermometer, and we will be adding the results to your sign in.
  • We have face shields you can purchase to use during class. Note: the shields provide more protection against flying droplets than face masks especially considering most people are constantly touching their masks, so it is the studio's decision to require face shields rather than face masks. You are expected to have minimal face covering for entering and leaving the studio. During the partnering portion of the class you will be required to wear the face shield if you are dancing with someone not of your family. If you attend the class and dance with your own partner, you have the option to not wear a face shield as long as you maintain 6' distance from anyone else.
  • Please do not congregate in the front room before or after class. The only exception is to use this space for changing your shoes.
  • Only one person in the office at a time during sign in, and maintain 6' social distancing.
  • Since sign in will take longer than before, please plan to arrive 10- 15 minutes before the start of your class to allow time and space to register and to allow the class to start on time.
  • You must wash/sanitize your hands before class, before the partnering portion of the class, and before leaving the studio.
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