Call to schedule your First Dance Consultation, Normally $49, For Free, by mentioning our website.

During our time together, we can listen to your music choices and sometimes suggest alternatives. We can discuss your dance options too. This will usually take 20-30 Minutes.

Once we've sat down, determined where you are starting from, and where you want to finish, plus how much time we have to accomplish it, we'll know what package to recommend.

You're down to the wire and only have time for one private to at least keep you off each others' toes - $85 (1/$85)
Your song choice is something slow and easy so nothing complicated for choreography - $325 for 4 lessons (4/$325)
You've picked a beautiful waltz or foxtrot and need to learn how to own the floor - $550 for 7 lessons (7/$550)
This First Dance is definitely going on youtube - $750 for 10 lessons (10/$750)

*Each private is 50 minutes long. Pricing is per couple. Payment plans available for 7 and 10 class packages - packages must be paid in full before the last session or 6 months after activation, whichever happens first. 24 hour notice is required to cancel/reschedule any private without forfeit, no exceptions.

Call 909-240-7615 today to schedule your First Dance Consultation!