You're getting married! What a wonderful occasion!

But...For many people, the idea of a room full of people watching you dance is horrifying. Imagine someone put your video on youtube...would you cringe? Hide your face in shame?

And...It doesn't have to come to that...

RhythmAddict can provide the solution...whether it's a simple and elegant slow dance to your favorite song, a classy waltz or foxtrot, or a fully choreographed dance to your choice of a mix of songs, we've got you covered.

With our help you won't feel self conscious the day of, because we will have you fully prepared and ready to own the dance floor, even if you have no experience.

Leave it to our 20+ years of teaching experience, and countless satisfied brides and grooms, to make your First Dance one to remember.

We can also help with the Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, and Wedding Party dances.

Give us a call today at 909-240-7615 to schedule a free, no obligation Wedding Dance Design consultation. We only have space for a limited number each month, so be sure to call right away to schedule yours.

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