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  • Have you ever wanted to take salsa dance lessons, but were afraid to get started - you don't know anyone - you don't want to make a fool of yourself - etc?
  • Have you seen others dance and think it would be a lot of fun?
  • Are you dealing with a breakup and want a new, comfortable, easy way to meet new people?
  • Do you want to learn in a fun, supportive environment that focuses on learning to go out dancing socially (and encourages it with almost weekly outtings) and welcomes you eagerly into the group?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then RhythmAddict is the place for you.


  • We are very proud of our welcoming and safe environment that supports learning so it doesn't matter if you don't know anyone - you'll meet people your very first day - and you can't make a fool of yourself because everyone in class knows exactly what you've gone through and they've been there done that.
  • Dancing is a lot of fun - plain and simple. Plus it's a great exercise. And many studies have shown it's great for your health.
  • By learning to dance you open yourself to a whole community of dancers and each interaction is only 2-3 minutes long but after that interraction, you have a new friend - someone you can say "Hi" to next time you see them. And since mixing around is part of the culture, you get to meet lots of new people all the time.
  • Almost every week we as a group will plan dancing at a local club. Sometime we stay close to home and sometimes we venture further with carpools. But always everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us. Everyone that goes has learned the benefit of classes at the studio (both group and private lessons) coupled with social dancing to really make you into a top notch fun social dancer.

We hope you can join us someday soon to start your Salsa dancing journey!

Salsa Group Classes

We have an awesome system of teaching you the basics of LA Style salsa in just 4 short weeks. We focus strictly on social dancing so you learn techniques you can apply on the dance floor right away so you can dance with anyone, anywhere and have a great time.

We teach one full pattern in Salsa 1, but it is broken down into 4 smaller pieces. We focus on one piece per week.  We offer classes at 7pm on Tuesday & Thursday nights plus Saturdays at 10am. You are welcome to join us for as many times per week as you choose - the more often the better for really getting the details and progressing faster.

Because the patterns keep rotating, you can start at any time. When you sign up for a package of classes, it's the same as having a punch card you don't have to carry around, so you can switch up which day of the week you attend (and even try Bachata if you like).

Class Packages/Pricing

A single group class is $15

A package of 4 classes is $47

8 classes is $86

12 classes is $120

20 classes is $197

For your first class, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the class to fill out a basic registration form and be ready for class to start on time. We do not ask for payment before the class.

Take the class, meet your fellow students, experience the class and see how much fun it is. At the end of the class, decide then if you want to pay for just the one class you took and leave, or if you plan to returen becuase you had so much fun, you can purchase a package of classes that would include the first one you took and then you can come back for more. Note: packages do have expiration periods.

Private Lessons

Sometimes learning can be difficult and you need some one-on-one attention.  Sometimes your schedule won't allow you to attend the group classes in the evenings on a regular basis. Or maybe you already have experience dancing and you want to get into Salsa 2 without attending the 4 weeks of group classes.

Whatever the reason, we make private lessons affordable and easy to schedule.

A single private lesson is $87

4 privates is $350

7 privates is $575

10 privates is $750

Private lessons are 55 minutes long. Any package you purchase in full never expires. We offer payment plans for packages. They are scheduled between you and your teacher at a mutually agreed upon time. The private lesson is your time and only yours to work specifically on your issues. And private lessons are not like a meal you can only enjoy once, what you learn in a private lesson will serve you for the life of your dancing.

RhythmAddict Dance

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