Take a look at what just a few of our extremely satisfied students are saying about RhythmAddict - and then come give us a try yourselves!

My Search Has Ended!!!

Corina G, FONTANA, CA  (10/26/2012)

I tried out other studios for months and months... Flaky instructors, different level scrambles and creepy guys. This studio is the best thing that ever happened to the inland empire!! Esther is pleasant, patient and honest. She is an amazing instructor that is always watching out for her students. If you are looking to learn how to dance and have a blast, give rhythm addict a chance!!!!


Ricardo G (10/14/2012)

Great environment, great people. It is a very comfortable place to be, to learn and to meet friends. The staff is out of this world. It is a place where you start and you do not want to leave. Thanks for all the good memories. I strongly recommend this studio to learn salsa, Bachata and other social dances.

RhythmAddict Rocks

Michael S (10/14/2012)

It is so much fun getting the dancer pulled out of me in a friendly and safe and positive environment. The instructors make me feel comfortable and allow me as well as all the students to progress at our own pace. They have helped me build confidence and strengthen my core while having fun moving in rhythm to wonderful, stimulating ethnic dance music. I can’t stop dancing throughout the day in all movements. Talk about putting a hop into one’s step, this is the way to do it! GHFN! Got Happy Feet Now! I appreciate being taught the finer details of each dance step, from head to toe, and how to dance with a variety of partners. I encourage any wannabe dancers to take advantage of this gem of a dance studio located close to the 10 FWY and Ontario airport in Rancho Cucamonga. By the way, the owner, Esther, is a superb teacher. She can teach anyone to dance, even if you have two left feet.

Peter T.


Are you one of those people that watch Dancing with the Stars on TV year after year, while pondering whether to ever learn how to dance?  Did you watch your college's Salsa Club perform only to think to yourself, "that's way too hard for me".?   Have you made the decision to learn dancing, only to be turned off by arrogant instructors or confusing pricing structures?  I have definitely experienced all of these roadblocks.  
Then one day, I decided to try once again, and locate a dance studio near my work and found Rhythm Addicts.  Their website is easy to use, updated, and informative.  I took the plunge.  I've been a satisfied student for several months now.  

The studio itself is located in a commercial building by the Farmer Boys on Haven Ave, near the Rancho/Ontario border.  

Head Instructor and Owner Esther structures classes on one hour blocks.  Classes are divided by style and skill level.  Prices are very reasonable.    If you're looking to learn Salsa, Bachata, Swing, Tango, ChaChaCha, Line Dancing, or even Waltz, this is the place.
Esther places an enormous emphasis on building a strong foundation, so you have good base of knowledge as you advance.  While this can be frustrating the first couple of classes, it definitely pays off in the long run.  She creates a welcoming environment in her classes by mixing dance instruction with humor.  Fellow students are encouraging and helpful.   Most importantly, Esther genuinely cares about her students learning the material.  

Overall, Rhythm Addicts is a GREAT place to learn how to dance.  It has opened up a new world for me and I owe it all to the dance studio.  If you're on the Fence about possibly taking up dancing, I highly encourage you to consider taking a class at the studio to check things out.

Excellence, technique and patience...

Alicia M, Upland, CA 


Dancing with the Stars? Not for me; I've always wanted to salsa dance but with my not so great coordination, I could never find anyone who could teach me, and then came Esther!! With her great style, awesome technique and lots and lots of patience. She adapted her teaching to my learning skills and I see myself improving every week. I'm not afraid to go on a dance floor and it's a great feeling to know I'm getting better. Watching the more advanced students, it's hard to believe they were beginners at one point. Great experience, I wish I've done it sooner. Thank you RhythmAddict!



My Favorite Pasttime

Manny M


For a little more than 10 years, I have been interested in Salsa and have taken several "group" classes.  Until I wandered over to RhythmAddict Dance Studio, I had no idea how much better I could get at my "favorite pastime". Esther's approach to building the skills needed to become a good dancer are truly unique. She cares about her students because her students are, or become, her friends.

More than just a dance class

Allegra G, Claremont, CA


I discovered the studio through Groupon and glad I stayed. Really nice bunch of people to learn with, Esther is the best teacher I've had, and we go out and dance at clubs together. Supportive and fun - can't beat it!



We enjoyed New Year's Eve

Terry M


We enjoyed the new year's eve party..great music..fun atmosphere...yummy food..good value..the group dance lesson was a plus! Great value for such an affordable price! God bless you all for providing us with such a safe, loving and fun place to celebrate the new year!

Ray L.


I've had taken lessons at several other places and this one is by far my favorite.  Great teaching method, good prices, friendly and inviting.  Lots of fun and a great place to meet people.
Going out dancing with the instructor and other class mates is a bonus, practicing is made fun!

RhythmAddict Dance

10373 Trademark St, Ste E

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Closest to 4th & Haven