Ballroom/Swing for Couples

We dedicate one class to our Couples - Join us on Friday nights at 8pm for a rotation of Ballroom & Swing classes taught for Social Dancing. What could be more romantic on a Friday night? In the arms of your sweetie, dancing the night away..

We cover a variety of Ballroom & Swing dances throughout the year - in 2 month increments - so you can master the basics in the first month, and then add some pizzazz to those steps in the second month.

No experience is needed for the first level class.

Class is held for 4 weeks on Friday at 8pm. Each new class normally starts the first Friday of the month, but check the schedule for exceptions.

And once you've finished levels 1 & 2 of the dance, we also offer levels 3 and 4 of the same dance at 7pm. You must have attended 1 & 2 to be able to attend 3 & 4.

One Month - $90/couple

Opal (1 class/week) - $5 = $40/pp/mo
Pearl (2 class/week) - $10 = $80/pp/mo

Class Schedule:

Jan/Feb    East Coast Swing: 1/6-1/27 Level 1, 2/3-2/24 Level 2
Mar/Apr    Foxtrot: 3/3-3/24 Level 1, 4/7-4/28 Level 2
May/June  Jitterbug Swing: 5/5-6/2 (skip 5/12) Level 1, 6/9-6/30 Level 2

July/Aug    Waltz: 7/7-7/28 Level 1, 8/4-8/25 Level 2
Sep/Oct    West Coast Swing: 9/8-9/29 Level 1, 10/6-10/27 Level 2
Nov/Dec    NightClub 2Step: 11/3-12/1 (skip 11/24) Level 1, 12/8-12/29 Level 2

Never a Registration Fee - you can Register on-line or in-person, but Space is Limited and pre-registration is highly encouraged. You may Register & Pay on-line, in person, or over the phone.
Esther Garrison, RhythmAddict Owner, Former Arthur Murray Instructor, and your Ballroom/Swing teacher every Friday night
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