Originally from the Dominican Republic, this dance has been experiencing wide-spread popularity the last few years, popular artists include Prince Royce, Hector Acosta and Romeo Santos, and there are some nights at local clubs dedicated to this dance.

Our teaching method has been proven, with countless students going through our system, to create the best social dancers possible. Our men are constantly complemented for extraordinary skill in leading and our ladies are some of the most popular ones on the dance floor because they really follow with grace and dignity.

Come in and learn your essentials of Bachata in our Bachata 1 class every Wednesday at 7pm with Gabe Hernandez. He started dancing 4 years ago and since his start has trained and performed with a distinguished dance team at most major venues from congresses, festivals, clubs, socials and more. He is well versed in both Urban and Dominican styles. With his patient style, you'll be on the dance floor very quickly.

Bachata 1 is a 6-week series focusing on your fundamental moves, musicality and partnering. The 6 pieces are constantly repeated so you can join us at any time, with or without a partner.

In addition to regular classes, we also have Social Dances hosted at the studio once per month, called Salsa Y Mas,where we play a wide variety of dance music including Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Merengue, Chachacha and Cumbia, plus we sponsor field trips to various night clubs for nights of dancing. And don't forget to take a look at the Social Calendar in the studio listing the current dance locations in the IE.

Your goal in Bachata 1 is to master each of the pieces so you can move into Bachata 2 where we add more footwork, and lots more turns & patterns. With experience you can breeze through the 4 pieces in just one month, or come more often or stay a little longer without experience to truly master the basics.

Never a Registration Fee - you can Register on-line or in-person. For your first class, please plan to arrive at the studio 10-15 min before the start of the class so we can help you register for the class and to answer any questions. 

**Everyone must start in Bachata 1 Group Classes**  After 6 weeks of regular attendance, you should be ready for the challenge of Bachata 2. If you wish to advance earlier, advancement is only with Teacher approval.
A short social dance demo with Gabe - your weekly teacher - and Anna - your weekly Salsa teacher helping out. This was at our 7 Year Anniversary Salsa y Mas on 10/3/2015.
Gabe Hernandez, your Bachata 1 & 2 Instructor with 4 years experience training, dancing and performing Bachata, he comes to you with a love of the dance and the patience of an excellent teacher