Adult Jazz


Introductory stretching and warm-ups for dance class. Learn basic movement technique, including turns, core strength, posture, spotting, and stage presence. Build your confidence as you learn to embrace and dominate the space around you in any dance form. Get comfortable with your body and weight placement. Taught in jazz vernacular, but material is universal to salsa, bachata, jazz, modern, tap, and many other dance forms!

Students will dance beginner-level choreography to music styles ranging from Broadway and standards to modern pop and hip hop. Curriculum includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations. Occasionally, students will have the opportunity to learn popular dances such as Michael Jackson's Thriller, Beyonce's Single Ladies, and more!

If you struggle with body placement, feel unbalanced when turning, or simply want to learn dance basics and have a great time, this is the class for you!  No auditions are necessary - just clothes and shoes you can dance in and a positive attitude!

Note: Jeans are not advised for this class, as you will be given a full stretching and warm-up session at the start of each meeting.
Taught by Jessica, a jazz and tap dancer from Pasadena with experience both as an adult jazz teacher and as a musical theater performer!
Jessica demonstrating a jazz combination for a previous intermediate jazz class.
Beginner level jazz routine from 2010.
Demonstrating an essential combination of jazz technique steps.

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